Thoughtful Thursday

What is Thoughtful Thursday? Well, back in January of 2021 I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about how I wanted to share more than just cleaning, organizing and decluttering content on my YouTube channel. I wanted to share more about life. I am a deep thinker by nature. I love having deep and meaningful conversations with my friends. My YouTube community had become like a community of friends, and I wanted to have those deep and meaningful conversations there as well! Sharing my thoughts on my YouTube channel was so successful that about a year later I started sharing my thoughts daily over on Tik Tok! And now my Thoughtful Thursday has become a monthly collaboration with other creators over on YouTube! Here I am, another year later and have decided to start sharing my thoughts here on my website through weekly Thoughtful Thursday blog posts! I have actually decided to revamp my website for it to be in conjunction with my other social media platforms. This website initially was where I promoted my business as a professional organizer, with information related to that business, however I have now officially decided to focus on my social media presence.