10 Things To Deep Clean In Each Room For Spring

Today I wanted to share the 10 things I like to clean in each room for spring cleaning! To be honest, I don’t specifically “spring clean.” I choose one room in my house each week to deep clean and declutter – meaning, usually my whole house gets deep cleaned and decluttered every three months or so. But, each of these items on the list I clean (for the most part, read on for exceptions) each time I deep clean a room. Be sure to scroll to the bottom where you can find a printable PDF document with all of these items on a check list! You could print it out once and stick it in a plastic protective sheet and mark off each item with a dry erase marker as you go, or print it out each time you have a room to deep clean! Happy spring!!

The first thing I like to do when deep cleaning a room is remove the drapes/curtains to wash or at least to shake out if they are not machine washable. Or even take them to the dry cleaners if you feel so inclined! At this time you can clean off the drape rods and finials as well. Remember when I mentioned the exceptions… I’m going to start with an exception right off the bat with this one. I don’t typically clean the drapes every single time I deep clean a room. I will do this once or twice a year.

The next thing I clean is the ceiling fan or light fixture in the room. Ceiling fans especially are prone to collect dust. I have an e-cloth extension duster like this that I like to use to clean fans. After I use this duster, I will go back with an all purpose cleaning spray and paper towels to get the remaining dust. I like using the all purpose cleaning spray to make the room smell good!

In addition to the drapes and ceiling fans/light fixtures, I make sure to vacuum the room, paying special attention to the edges and corners. I use the extension on my vacuum cleaner with the angled edger piece to get into the edges and corners of the room – something that doesn’t get done each time I vacuum a space.

Something else I do in each room when I am doing a deep clean is to dust the baseboards and clean the walls if necessary. We have a room with Wainscoting, and the trim definitely harbors dust which needs to be cleaned. I just use an all purpose cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth for this.Sometimes you just have to get on your hands and knees to get a space cleaned!

Next I will dust all of the horizontal surfaces in the room – shelving, dressers, entertainment centers, end tables, and anything else you may have which collects dust. Typically for wood surfaces I will use a specific wood cleaning product, and for painted surfaces I will use an all purpose cleaning spray.

I also like to be sure to clean the windows – at least the inside of the windows – and the blinds if that is applicable. I use a glass and mirror cleaner on the windows with a microfiber cleaning cloth, and I go back over it with a glass cleaning cloth – both I got from e-cloth. For the blinds, I use an all purpose cleaning spray and a microfiber cleaning cloth, however I have been wanting to get a specific blinds cleaning product as cleaning with the cloth can be very tedious.

In addition, I like to use my extension duster to clean the cobwebs off the ceiling whenever I deep clean a room!

Next I clean the inside and outside of dressers and cabinets. I like to take everything out and declutter as I go. While items are out of the cabinets and drawers, I take the time to clean it out with an all purpose cleaning spray.

Like I mentioned, the next thing I do is declutter. It’s always good to go through items and get rid of anything you are no longer using or loving!

Lastly, I will mop the room if it’s wood or tile, and use a steam vacuum if it is carpet. It’s always good to get a deep clean, especially with carpets!

I hope this gave you some ideas for things to deep clean in one of your rooms today! Be sure to check out my Deep Cleaning Checklist printable if you need guidance while cleaning a room!