Imperfection is Powerful

I am reading Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection. There are so many inspiring words in this book, I keep rereading sections to delay finishing it. I essentially want Brene to become my best friend who I may call at the drop of a hat to run experiences by her or ask for her wise words and encouragement when my next moment of shame or loss of self surfaces. You see, the harder I try to get it right, be perfect in fact, stay strong, not allow the fear to run my life or push through my blocks, the less I accomplish and actually I feel less like myself. Brene’s book is based on exactly these imperfections and the gifts they bring us when we allow and embrace who we are, not who we are trying to be or what we believe we are missing. I find her insights and tools crucial as I retrain myself to love all of my ‘juicy deliciousness’. None of us will ever be perfect, or live with 100% integrity, or always do what’s best and right and…. well you get the picture. Simply being who I am and accepting my mistakes and disappointments along the way relieves me of stress. I am discovering the best part of life is honouring myself, my authenticity, my brave moments and my weak moments knowing I am worthy and loved no matter what.

So what does this have to do with organizing your bedroom, or living room, or kitchen? For me, this all has to do with accepting who I am and moving forward in life from that place. Shaming myself for not being further along than I am, or comparing myself to someone who has my ideal bedroom, or watching too many home reno shows and feeling completely inadequate about my own home, will not bring success in my bedroom organizing project. My ideas for organizing my bedroom will however, start from where I am at, my needs and what I wish to accomplish. I am in fact, reorganizing my bedroom and it is currently dismantled. As I live in it, I slowly make decisions about where pictures will be hung, which items I do not want to see any longer and how to make my room more cozy and amenable to the feelings of relaxation, romance and the Ahhhhh I am wishing for. And I’m okay with the time it is taking for me to arrive.

Allow yourself the self-compassion you would afford others, recognize your own personal constraints and then gently make some decisions around what you might let go of in your life and your home. Your bedroom, as in my example, is probably the room you wish most to feel relaxed in. Start with where you are today, and take some small steps towards the feelings you want to cultivate in that room. Embrace the process of discovering the gifts you uncover, both inside yourself and in your bedroom.


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