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Imperfection is Powerful

I am reading Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection. There are so many inspiring words in this book, I keep rereading sections to delay¬†finishing it. I essentially want Brene to become my best friend who I may call at the drop of a hat to run experiences by her or ask for her wise […]

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New Year, New Intention

2017 feels amazing so far! Despite the cold here in Alberta, I feel renewed energy towards clearing out the old and allowing space to exist for what may come. This applies to both my mind and my home. I feel weights lifting each time I sort, discard and reorganize a closet, a binder, a drawer. […]

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Tips to organize your space. #1. Do something you enjoy EVERY DAY! This will allow you to feel your importance and give something to yourself before you focus on others. #2. Be gentle with yourself. We all have some clutter and we all feel some resistance to taking care of it. Allow yourself to move […]

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