About Lori

If we are meeting for the first time, welcome to my new venture. If you and I have already met, meet another side of me you may not know. My journey into the organizing realm came about by accident after much deliberation on what exactly I wanted to accomplish in my life. I know I want to serve people in some capacity but working in an office cubicle for a company I am not passionate about, was not my idea of serving people. Most definitely I needed  my own business, my own hours and my own passion to drive me forward and make a difference in people's lives. As I asked myself what do I do everyday, what am I good at, what brings me joy when I make time for myself? - organizing my spaces came to mind.

I know what you're thinking - who finds organizing a space joyful, let alone interesting, motivating or fun? Well I didn't suddenly discover this about myself. I have been organizing my physical spaces since I was a child - making maps of my bedroom, cutting out my furniture to scale and reorganizing my room; setting up displays of gifts I received; cutting out patterns to decorate my room in various seasons; and learning to meal plan in grade school and study effectively and do homework in high school. My organizing skills have served me well. I wouldn't say I have been the most organized person in every stage of my life. But overall, I've had a good sense of what works for me, and how to sort and retrieve items in a practical way. However, I didn't recognize organizing as a talent, nor did I think of them as a gift or a way to serve others.

Until this year. I've seen homes where I couldn't navigate a clear path to walk through. I've seen homes that look sterile and almost uninhabited. And I've seen every variation in between. What I realized is that many people have no clue how to set up their homes to serve them effectively or happily from day to day. Life is full, I understand that. There are so many activities and people and experiences that compete for our attention and focus. Many people simply don't make the time to organize their homes to support them and their families, nor do they find joy in doing so. My own spaces are certainly not always organized. There is always another way to do something, and another person who makes me think I'm an organizing layman.

But, imagine someone who has new ideas, a new set of eyes to visualize another solution to your home organizing challenges. What I have discovered for myself is that when my spaces are set up for me to function optimally, I feel more relaxed, focused on what I'm doing in the moment and able to locate what I'm looking for. On the contrary, when I allow my office or bedroom to get out of hand with papers piled or clothes and books strewn on the chairs and floor, I feel tense and my attention is scattered. I'm unclear about my direction or task.

I want to share my skills with you and guide you from feeling overwhelmed and maybe even at wits end in your home, to feeling comfortable, relaxed and joyful in your home. To come home after a long day and really feel at home in your space. That is my goal and my wish for everyone. Welcome to Organized with Joy.